Why you might want to consider attending the Walk to Emmaus

Have there been times in you days, or nights, where you felt like you really needed a deeper, closer or more secure relationship with your God ? Have events in your life taken a turn where you feel like your knowledge of scriptures could use a boost to help you understand or know what God’s will might be for you in particular ?
Maybe, just maybe, you’re like a lot of people you know, that really haven’t had those thoughts. Maybe your outlook on life is this…all things are good. You have a great relationship with your spouse, your children and your neighbors. I believe there are many in our society that are of this later group. There have been ups and downs in your life but now things have ‘leveled out’ so it seems. Some headaches, or reasons for losing sleep are history. They may have become history just recently or maybe they are vague memories.
Wherever you find yourself, I just want to assure you that ‘You Are Loved’. If you are a member of a local church in your community then I believe you know this. But, still, if you look within, you know that there is more to this church membership ‘stuff’ than you might be presently experiencing. Allow me to suggest…no matter how well things might be going in your day-to-day living, that there always is more.
Please don’t misunderstand me. I am certainly not suggesting that you can better yourself by simply attending an Emmaus Walk. The story, as you might already know, comes from the scriptures where two of Jesus’ disciples were heading from Jerusalem to the small rural town of Emmaus, immediately following the events in Jerusalem over the recent weekend culminating in the crucifixion of the one person, that many thought would be the one to throw off the oppression of the Roman Empire. But then when Jesus joined them, he discussed these events with these two people and explained a lot to them about himself, using strictly Old Testament scriptures. This event, this Walk to Emmaus, didn’t call for these men to change their lives, didn’t call for them to go to any extremes in their lifestyle at all. This was merely Jesus, taking the time to explain himself to two people who apparently misunderstood what God wanted them to know about Himself.
So what does this have to do with you? God might not be calling you to be any kind of missionary, preacher, or even a sunday school teacher. What God wants is for you to know Him. That’s all. Wouldn’t it make sense to find a way to really understand why and how Jesus did the things he did and why he said the things he said and what they really meant for you and your life. Did Jesus put rules together that might be a burden on your life? Is he still wanting more of you than you are willing to give? Jesus, you realize, was a perfect gentleman when he was here on earth. He loved his family and friends. He healed many, delivered many from rotten life styles and prayed for his friends. Wouldn’t it be great if Jesus would take an interest in your life and make it better.
Here’s the truth. He wants to and will do that. In the few days that is required to attend this weekend event you will know how many of these questions can be answered. Is there any pressure on you to go to church more often, sign up for special work after the weekend is over, ask you to sign up for anything that cost you your hard earned money? No, the only thing requested of you is to attend and enjoy yourself. There are more times to laugh, eat, learn….did I mention eat? Because of those who volunteer to make your weekend fun there will be many opportunities to make new acquaintances that can lead to long term friendships. You will visit and get to know those whose lives parallel yours and can give you opportunities to help them as they help you.
During the weekend you are away from your family and regular schedule, you will be referred to as a pilgrim, think John Wayne, and it is suggested you kind of lower your guard a little and let new people get to know you in a personal way. Not so they can take any advantage of you and your personal being but because those others attending are really interested in you having a most enjoyable weekend. If you have been challenged to attend an Emmaus event then get back with that individual and tell them you’re interested but even still might have a mess of questions. Everyone, prior to this event, had reservations about taking a weekend out of their lives to spend it with a bunch of strangers. It is much more fun than you might think and when it is over you go back to who and where you were but with a whole lot more knowledge. But it is so much more than that. You might be challenged to reconsider what you think of God, or you might not be. It is all up to you.
Hope to see you there.


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