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As of right now we have no confirmed dates for the Men’s or Women’s Walk for 2018. Plans are in the early stags and we will distribute those dates as soon as they have been determined.


We have a couple of walks each year in our community. Currently we have walks for men and for women and summer Chrysalis Flights for youth. Our community also supports walks in our local prison through a related ministry, Kairos Prison Ministry

. Please try to attend one of the Gatherings prior to the walk to receive pertinent information. Please pray about sponsoring someone to attend a walk and locate, elsewhere on this site, forms for a participant, sponsor and additional information.

If you are interested in attending a walk or wishing to be able to ‘work’ a walk, please let a board member, someone in your church who has already attended, Know of your wishes.Or find elsewhere on this site an email address to communicate that wish to the Red River Community.

All foreseeable walks will take place at Black Sox Sports facility, Burkburnett, Texas




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  1. Glen HOffman
    December 4, 2017 at 12:30 pm

    My experience with the walk was through my wife. Some years ago now. I had never heard of the program. Obviously, any husband would ask about the details. The person inviting my wife was very vague. I found this concerning and pressed a bit. Evasive answers which basically amounted to non-answers. I asked for the address of the event, the phone number, any published materials, the theology behind it, the particular church involved. They were reasonable questions. I finally got someone to tell me the location/phone at least. What I was not told was my wife would not be able to communicate, nor how long. My wife didn’t seem to know much either, but I trusted her and she went. after a few days of not hearing from her, which was unusual… I tried calling her. No answer. I called the number I was given and asked “respectfully” to speak to my wife. He refused. I pressed and said it was important. He hung up on me. So I drove to the location given> empty building. Maybe this is a good deal, but I felt deceived and was concerned what my wife had gotten into. She finally got home and I share my experiences and asked her about it. She was vague and evasive. She now was keeping a secret from me. after a week of explaining secrets between spouses hurts trust, she just said, she was told not to share. Someone she just met is now overruling my place of importance in my own marriage. I saw no spiritual improvement and how could there be. the marriage relationship is supreme to all others and clearly biblically the foundation of all society. I did finally let it go. I had no choice but to accept the reality this event influence my wife to the point she was putting something else above our marriage. I’ve since found out, I’m not the only one who has this experience. I was told I was the only one that ever felt this way. Another deceit. I read about cults from a criminology paper and the walk had all the earmarks of a cultist event. That doesn’t mean it was but when you look like a duck, walk like a duck, sound life a duck and behave like a duck, any reasonable person would think it’s a duck. Now I do hold my wife responsible for her actions and realized she may have been vulnerable in a way I didn’t realize. Obviously, the event was emotionally satisfying, but absolutely no information about the biblical support ungirding the event. What am I missing here?

    • John Dunlap
      January 26, 2018 at 12:36 pm

      Mr Hoffman,
      I am terribly sorry for your bad experiencing. I understand and still, occasionally run into someone who think that ‘revealing’ what actually goes on during a “Walk Weekend” should not be shared in an detail to those whom we refer to as ‘pilgrims’. That word is taken in much the same context as the novel ‘Pilgrim’s Progress’. While there are some aspects that are left as a ‘surprise’ we in no way should be considered as a threat to marriages,local church membership or any other of the person’s attending, daily life style. There is not mentioned, at all, to my knowledge any direction of NOT sharing with spouse, family and friends about what occurs during that time frame. While we may primarily be operational within the purview’s of the United Methodist church we are no way exclusive to that denomination. We have guest speakers from many different protestant churches and most all of the lay workers within the group’s staff or board represent different denominations as well.

      Thank you for your input, I will share this letter with my fellow board members and will exclude your name for obvious reasons.

      John Dunlap, Assistant Lay Leader

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