Follow-up & Sponserships

Agenda for Follow-Up

Roll call/Introductions/ Table Name/also any other attendees.

       Who to Sponsor ?

Someone who is ready to deepen their spiritual walk

Should be an active/saved Christian

Not a counseling service for people with mental issues

Health up to the activities

Explain without giving away agape, letters, candlelight 

         Sponsoring someone

Sponsor sheet, $25.00 fee,  ASAP/non-refundable site fees,  Medicines list and dosages in case of emergency

       Back side responsibilities

Important to explain to spouse about the walk,      Read over your responsibilities/make a check-list for yourself

       Your Job:     Letters                                                                   

Be sure to label: family, sponsor, pastor, friends.

Each pilgrim will receive 12 letters during the walk

Look for any extras. If you know you have extras keep them

Share extra letters on the way home after the walk

You can print up email letters on nice paper

No gifts at the walk

        Send Off:

Bring the pilgrim to send off with potluck item.

Do not wear your cross.

Agape should not be seen by the pilgrim

Prayer time is after the send off


Do not bring non-Emmaus people to candlelight. It spoils the best surprise

Should they decide to attend. Do not wear your cross.


Closing can be shared with non-Emmaus family  members


Bring the pilgrim to follow-up

Get them into a reunion group

Bring to Gathering

        Fourth Day

Get involved in a Reunion group

        Reunion Groups

6 or 8    ;     one hour weekly if possible   ;     accountable to others

       Make Agape 

Sign up for prayer vigils for walk/ online Red River Community

Attend Gatherings, that will be held quarterly in 2015. That schedule can be found elsewhere on this site.

         Think about working a walk, let someone know. Working a walk includes…


Background team:   Snacks, Chapel set ups, Tear down, Agape,  Packets for letters, Packet of information, Banquet set up

Music:   For walks, For gathering,  For banquet

Conference Room :   Table leaders,  Assistant table leaders

Contact a Board Member or leave a note here if you require more information or any help.