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Our Community has been administering Walks (spiritual renewal weekends) for more than 28 years.  We are in the process of planning a couple next year, 2015.  We also put on retreats for youth which are called Chrysalis  Flights.  If you are new to this and are considering whether to participate, then browse our website and follow the links as well.  Walks and flights are put on for women and for men separately.

Our community also has monthly meetings, gatherings, where we eat a pot luck supper, hear announcements and worship together.  All are welcome whether they have attended a retreat or not.  Come and visit and start building your friendships and enjoy growing into the fellowship.

Gatherings are alternated quarterly among area churches.  Please see the Gatherings tab for dates and directions.All Gatherings are scheduled for Saturday early evening events. Please free these dates up on your personal calendars.

We currently need people to sign up for prayer vigils and the community should be busy recruiting Pilgrims.

Resources for Emmaus can be obtained from the Upper Room.

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